Natural garden


The term garden everyone can imagine something else. For some, the garden is a place where the weekend relaxes so that the Sedra of leather, for another garden plantation production of vegetables and fruits, which then supplies his family, and for others it is more residential garden area behind the house and trimmed lawn pool for quiet relaxation.

Natural garden

Hardly anyone looks at the garden as a "living organism" whose proper functioning is on the relationships between living organisms with each other and with the environment at the same time.

Just the knowledge and support relationships in many ways we can facilitate the work, to help produce healthier crops and garden while providing richer and more enjoyable for observation.

How natural garden look like? Certainly not a land overgrown with nettles or impermeable bushes. It can take different forms, ranging from commercial harvest charged gardens to romantically overgrown backyard relaxing place to colorful perennial flower bed in the park. It is only necessary to create space and take care of it by the principles of natural garden.

We will try to present you with an overview of the basic rules of natural garden. For each topic, we will gradually return and pay them more.

Basic rules of natural garden

Before we get to him, you need to say that the concept of natural garden is actually very wide. From fully-intervention stands over Forest Garden (in czech could be translated as a forest garden) to "normal" garden respecting certain rules of nature friendly. As we are very interested in it, we will certainly be individual types of natural gardens back. So now the most basic rules.

We do not use any chemicals to control pests and weeds are poisonous for beneficial organisms above and below ground. The best protection is prevention, we select plants resistant to disease - for example, old varieties of fruit and vegetables used to local conditions, we choose a diverse mix of plants - on diseases and pests are most likely single-stands. To strengthen the immunity of plants are used in various herbal decoctions and Cultures fermentizing. Against malicious animal pests fit the biological weapons - encourage their natural enemies.

Who all is our helper? Certainly birds - help collecting caterpillars and other insects. We can hire workers for food (grain pouring into feeders in winter), housing (birdhouse) and the provision of water for drinking and bathing - bird drinking fountain. A useful tool is also a hedgehog who likes snails and insects. Nor did he He enjoys a special abode ("Ježník" to find the spring in our shop). They will also help bats (against flying insects such as Leafrollers), lizards, frogs and Slow. Insect is, however, best to deploy again insects. His penchant for gourmet aphid is known ladybug. Helpers of the insect kingdom is so much that we will give them their own article.

Another taboo for natural gardener is the use of artificial fertilizers. Mineral fertilizers are causing much damage in nature - their production is energy intensive, which helps to the greenhouse effect, kill the soil organisms, changing the chemical composition of the soil, threaten groundwater. It is a highly concentrated fertilizer, so there is also a risk of over-fertilization of plants themselves. Fertilized plants are paradoxically more susceptible to disease and pests.

Maybe it will surprise anyone, but in natural gardening peat is not used. Peat created by incomplete digestion of plant material, the annual increment is so small that it can be considered a non-renewable resource. Extraction of peat bogs are threatened on both specific organisms (plants and animals), but also significantly impaired the ability of the landscape to retain water - which can, among other things lead to flooding.

In this article, we focused on the general rules of natural gardens, concrete steps and procedures will gradually disclose and discuss in more detail.


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