How to safely equip an apartment for seniors


Of the elderly people is increasing, and so is an obvious increasing demand for quality and practical furniture that meets their specific needs. Affordable price, ergonomic thoughtfulness and good looks are essential prerequisites.

Comfortable and cozy living room
Seniors need clear placement of furniture, because we can not count on the fact that he could, if necessary, easily moved. Its good to get rid of heavy items and replace them with new, lighter and simple furniture that is not so bulky and in the way.

How to safely equip an apartment for seniors

Certainly it is convenient to choose wardrobes. Great saves space and is perfectly controlled. Have sliding doors and access to the internal contents of the box is fast. Wardrobe will place a large handle and the upper floors of missing rods mounted folding because of these clothes can be well off.

A similar principle as in cupboards, it is appropriate to select the door wings. Traditional hinged doors that open into the space they take place and to the person with crutches are hard to circumvent. Much more practical are doors that are passing into the holes in the wall, such as prefabricated narrow corridor does not interfere.

The apartment senior forgotten remove the high thresholds, furniture with sharp corners, glass. Likewise injury can cause smooth floor or vice versa loose and worn carpets.

Less furniture, more space
Senior must never impinge on furniture that is in his way. The living room is very important seat, which at the same time and can lie comfortably. Couch should have a high sed, not too deep, and strongly shaped back with headrest. In front of it is a good idea to build a big and solid coffee table with storage plate. This serves to postpone glasses, magazines, books, etc. Reading now

Senior more than another value their privacy, so dovybavíme room and comfortable lounge chair with armrest and feet. Chair should stand aside, close windows and lamps. It is also important enough light area because people with reduced visual perception sees worse at dusk. Its worth the lamp or wall lamp within reach. I welcome seniors lights reacting to the movement, which at night transfer to the toilet alone and the lights go out.

Bathroom unharmed
Most injuries and problems happening in the bathroom. It should not be any barriers and outputs, which can be hurt. Mops, buckets, laundry baskets have a place in the best storage furniture or in open shelves. The furniture should have a more rounded shape and should be easy to open. Rule: everything in the bathroom, to be at hand, preferably in the length of the outstretched arms.

The manufacturing program Secura find stoupátko into the tub to make it easier bathing. We can hold the top handle and feel safer.

Important is slip flooring, as well as the interior tub and shower. You can use special pads, mats, anti-skid tiles (which have a rougher surface, but beware - they are difficult to maintain).

Smart equipment
The shower is for seniors more comfortable than a bath. Shower enclosures should have a hinged seat to help those who have problems with balance. Shower tray should be sunk flush with the floor, so that in it they went well. Practical is also elevated toilet seat and the sink with the front part of the sidecut, because it better accessed.


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