How simple and original turn children room


Children are changing before our eyes, grow, prefer other games, toys and colors. A small room should keep up with them. Small decorations along with creativity can do wonders!

Quickly, easily and individually change children room in one afternoon. Just drop in furniture and installed a new front door, replace the door swing behind the glass with a graphic motif, used wall wallpaper happy, stick přicvaknout beautiful stickers or magnets on the board with a photo of your holiday. And believe me, it goes without cheesy and pandering menu.

How simple and original turn children room

Fairytale hero in the cabinet
Older furniture in the nursery can be absolutely brilliant, you just replace the front doors, which are motifs from the world of childrens imagination or are milled interestingly, have a fresh pastel color.

Novelty and a big hit is the finish Overface. It is a digital printing smooth furniture surfaces. Motive, we can either choose from a catalog, or bring your own (requires a quality base in a good resolution).

Price door with digital printing Overface is generally increased by 2,100 m2, final price depends on the individual order (made up price for the door itself, the price of selected print and graphic works that related to the preparation of the contract).

Video wallpaper from Babeta
Children Lavmi proposed video wallpaper designer Babette Ondrová, which is itself a child knows what pleases not only them, but also the parents: therefore no corny kitsch, but simple shapes, exceptional color and pure creativity. Three new themes or Heroes Heroes are monkey, frog, rabbit and bear, one theme is devoted flock.

Picture wallpaper differs from the classical fact that the composition of various stripes wallpapers created a single motif. Complete wallpaper image is contained in only one part of which can easily be cut marked individual stripes. The whole theme is then drawn up and glued. Each image has a central composition wallpaper if the wall is smaller, the image wallpaper crop without damaging the resulting motif.

Children picture wallpaper are printed on non-wowen fabric wallpaper, PVC-free, breathable and excellent to work with them. Paints contain solvents are water-soluble and lightfast.

Fun for us and the children
Stickers Lepeeto, one name, but also the original decoration of two designers who revels in creativity directly. Collection of original ideas is of Czech origin and offers tasteful, imaginative and lovely motifs. Stickers of various sizes can be used not only on the wall, but also a window in the bathroom tile or drab box for toys.

The condition is smooth, dry, clean and flat surface (but stickers nelepíme need to microwave, heat destroys them). Collection is divided stickers for boys and girls world, babies and adults alike. Prices are reasonable - ranging in diameter around 250 CZK.

Photos in memory
Ceramic tile, glass clocks and magnets on the board with the help of a special program creates a child of compulsory school. Just download the new HF Designer and begin to copy the photos from our computer to the templates offered by the program. Children will love the magnets with your own photo.


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